Akira Senda

Welcome to IFED 2017!

We are very exciting that we would welcome friends and colleagues from “All of Esthetic Dentistry World” to the IFED 2017 World Meeting held in Toyama City, Japan.

As it reminds us well, the 2nd IFED World Meeting was successfully held in Kyoto in 1997. I would say that our international organization was just born in Florence followed in Kyoto, and has been started to be breast-fed at the meeting. It has passed already 20 years, and since then, this particular and marvelous organization has been favorably growing up by means of enormous supports by colleagues from member academy of all over the world. There also have been so many successful developments and findings in scientific world, even in Esthetic Dentistry. However, tasks and goal of Esthetic Dentistry has never changed, and we are still demanded for dominating to health and happiness of people in the world. Hence, it is obviously necessary for us, professionals of Esthetic Dentistry to be gathered, and to discuss and exchange knowledge, newly developed material and equipment.

As we are planning to provide all attendees gathering to the meeting “First-class” lectures and topics by educators invited by JAED, host academy and the Scientific Committee of IFED. And, more over, colleagues from IFED member academies and sponsor manufactures may present their new ideas and materials to be exchanged in any seminars provided in the meeting. We strongly believe that you would be so satisfied with participating to this meeting.

Toyama City is one of typical small local cities located in “Back-side”(used to be called) Japan, but is located between the beautiful bay and mountains, Toyama Bay and Japan “Alps”. People in there are very kind and friendly and foods from sea and turf are very tasty, and also natures and sceneries are marvelous. So, you may enjoy not only the meeting but also very confortable and safe staying in Toyama. We will be waiting for your participations!

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Akira Senda
Congress Chairman, the 10th World Meeting of IFED
Immediate Past President, IFED

Baldwin Marchuck

IFED President : Dr. Baldwin Marchack

David Klaff

IFED Secretary General : Dr. David Klaff

Dan Nathanson

International Scientific Committee Member :
Prof. Dan Nathanson

Jaime Gil

International Scientific Committee Member :
Prof. Jaime Gil


JAED President : Prof. Yoichiro Nara

Shuhei Miyauchi

JAED Past President : Dr. Shuhei Miyauchi

Toru Sato

Chairman, Organizing Committee :
Prof. Toru Sato

We sincerely hope many colleagues will come and enjoy the meeting together at Toyama in the early autumn, 2017.