10th IFED world congress Program

Sep 14

Time Schedule

Program Sep 14

Main Stage Ⅰ

9:30-13:00 Implant & Prosthodontics

Dr. Eduardo Anitua(Spain)
Minimally invasive treatment of atrophic maxillae.
Dr. Oded Bahat (USA)
The 4th Dimensional Influencing Planning and Surgical Reconstruction with Implants.
Dr. Yoshihiro Goto (USA)
Gingival esthetics in implant dentistry: Ultimate prosthetic solution.

13:50-17:25 Direct Bonding & Esthetic Detisry (General)

Prof. Luiz Narciso Baratieri (Brazil)
The use of composite resin in anterior teeth: something between the lines.
Dr. Javier Tapia Guadix (Spain)
Bio-Emulation approach to direct composites.
Dr. Sushil Koirala (Nepal)
Smile Makeup Do No Harm Cosmetic Dentistry.

Sponsored Seminar

Multi-purpose Rooms 203

10:00-11:00 Prothodontics (Sponsored by Shofu)
Prof. Junichi Furuya (Japan)
Dentures and swallowing function of older people

15:20-16:20 (Sponsored by Nobel Biocare)
Dr. Oded Bahat (USA)
Immediate vs Delayed Placement Associated with Surgical Reconstruction

Luncheon Seminar

Multi-purpose Rooms 203

13:00-13:40 (Sponsored by Shofu)
Dr. Fay Goldstep (Canada)
Predictable proactive minimally invasive dentistry

Welcome Reception

Toyama Grand Plaza 18:00-20:30

Sep 15

Time Schedule

Program Sep 15

Main Stage Ⅰ

8:45-12:20 Esthetic Detisry General & Whitening

Dr. Itsuki Murakami(Japan)
Realistic long-term management of implant patients.
Prof. Sillas Duarte (USA)
Clinical Solutions for Esthetic Adhesive Rehabilitations.
Dr. Renato Miotto Palo (Brazil)
Bleaching or Whitening: What Every Dentists Should Know About

13:30-17:05 Esthetic Detisry General & Orthodontics

Dr. Patrice Pellerin (Canada)
Aesthetic Orthodontic Solutions for Today’s Patient
Dr. Noboru Takahashi (Japan)
Indirect Adhesive Restorations – Functional and Esthetic outcomes through MiCD Approaches.
Dr. Claudio Pinho (Brazil)
Integrated Esthetic Dentistry – Achieving Excellence –

Main Stage Ⅱ

8:45-12:20 Direct & Indirect Restoratives

Dr. Byoung In Suh (USA)
State-of-the-Art Adhesive Dentistry.
Prof. Masashi Miyazaki (Japan)
Science of clinical success in esthetic composite restorations with bonding.
Prof. Hideo Yamamoto (USA)
Esthetics treatment 2017.

13:30-17:05 CAD/CAM

Prof. Florian Beuer (Germany)
Esthetics with Ceramics: a 3-step concept
Dr. Ronnie Yap Yi Roon (Singapore)
Predictable Smilemakeovers using CADCAM Ceramic Veneers and Digital Planning.
Dr. George Freedman (Canada)
CAD/CAM Present and Future.

Sub Main Stage

8:45-11:05 Direct & Indirect Restoratives

Dr. Konstantinos Dinos Kountouras (Greece)
Esthetic and Funcional Rehabilitation of The Smile Using Minimal
Invasive Bonded Ceramic Restorations

Prof. Georg Meyer
Biological and Medical Properties of New and Traditional Filling Materials – a Critical Evaluation.

Sponsored Seminar

Multi-purpose Rooms 203

9:00-10:00 Direct Bond Restoration (Sponsored by Shofu)
Dr. Tetsuji Aoshima (Japan)
Esthetic restoration from the point of view or prosthodontic.

10:20-11:20 Indirect Bond Restoration (Sponsored by Shofu)
Dr. Yusuke Ninomiya (Japan)
A Minimally Invasive Approach for complex cases.

14:00-16:20 DT Session, Lecture & Demonstration (Sponsored by Ivoclar)
DT. Yuji Tsuzuki (Japan)
Breathing vivid life into the new creations “The exact reproduction of natural dentition in IPS e.max system”.

Multi-purpose Rooms 204

9:00-11:20 DT Session, Lecture & Demonstration (Sponsored by GC)
DT. Katsuya Seki (Japan)
GC Initial LiSi is the next generation of the press system.

14:00-15:00 (Sponsored by 3M)
Dr. Joe Oxman (USA)
Curing at Light Speed. Can We Defy Laws of Physics?

Luncheon Seminar

Multi-purpose Rooms 203

12:30-13:20 (Sponsored by Ultradent)
Dr. Renato Miotto Palo (Brazil)
How to Perform Non-Vital Bleaching

Multi-purpose Rooms 204

12:30-13:20 (Sponsored by BISCO)
Dr. Naotake Akimoto (Japan)
Composite resin restorations using newly designed matrix system.

Vip & Speakers Dinner

Restaurant La Chance

Sep 16

Time Schedule

Program Sep 16

Main Stage Ⅰ

8:45-12:20 Direct Bonding & Esthetic Detisry General

Prof. Miguel Roig Cayón (Spain)
Management of compromised teeth in the esthetic zone.
Prof. John Burgess (USA)
Three generations of zirconia what goes where and how to cement it.
Dr. Wynn Okuda (USA)
High Impact Esthetics: Achieving Predictable Results with Minimal Invasive Dentistry

13:30-17:05 Esthetic Detisry (General & Material)

Dr. Kenneth A. Malament (USA)
Integration of esthetic dentistry in routine and complex prosthodontics
Prof. Nasser Barghi (USA)
Ceramic Veneers: A Concept Supported by Scientific Facts, Clinical Observations & Advanced Technologies
Prof. Dan Nathanson (USA)
Materials selection for patients with esthetic and reconstructive needs: The new generation of sophisticated restorative/ prosthetic restorations.

Main Stage Ⅱ

8:45-12:20 Prothodontic, DT & CAD/CAM

DT. Bernhard Egger (Germany)
Hybrid Ceramic CAD/CAM Restorations An alternative to traditional ceramics?
DT. Dwight G. Rickert (AACD)
Treating the Constricted Envelope of Function Restoring a Smile for Long-Term Success
Dr. Tomohiro Takagaki (Japan)
Predictable use of resin cement in all-ceramic cementation; science for durable bonding and esthetic result.

13:30-15:30 AACD/KAED/JAED Sister Academy Session : Member Education & Accreditation

DT. Dwight G. Rickert (AACD)
Introduction to American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Accreditation Process for Laboratory Technicians.
Dr. Jeong Kyung Kang (KAED)
Getting to know about KAED accreditation program.
Prof. Masashi Miyazaki (JAED)
Contribution to the Oral Health and the Role of JAED in Japan

Sponsored Seminar

Multi-purpose Rooms 203

9:00-10:00 Direct Bonding (Sponsored by Shofu)
Dr. Keiichi Hosaka (Japan)
Bioactive technology meets MI esthetic direct composite restorations. – The present and future –

10:20-11:20 Direct Bonding (Sponsored by TokuyamaDental)
Dr. Noboru Takahashi (Japan)
Functional and Esthetic Anterior Direct Restorations – Simplified Layering Approach –

14:00-16:30 DH Session “Geriesthetic Dentistry” Forum (Sponsored by 3M, Morita & Centrix)
Prof. Bennett Tochukwu Amaechi (USA)
New Guidelines on Protocols and Materials for Caries Prevention in Dentistry.
Prof. Clifton M. Carey (USA)
Current strategies to prevent dental decay in the geriatric population

Multi-purpose Rooms 204

9:00-10:00 Zirconia Restoration (Sponsored by 3M Japan)
Dr. Motoaki Ishibe (Japan)
Zirconia Restorations: Maximizing Material Features, Minimizing Complications

10:20-11:20 (Sponsored by Daishintrading)
Dr. Kenji Tsuchiya (Japan)
The Harmony with Esthetic and Biology in Restorative Treatment.

14:00-16:20 Demonstration (Sponsored by GC)
Dr. Javier Tapia Guadix (Spain)
Emulation of teeth ageing with composite resin:challenges and feasibility

Luncheon Seminar

Multi-purpose Rooms 203

12:30-13:20 (Sponsored by Morimura)
Prof. Masashi Miyazaki
Art and Science of Composite Resin Restorations Using Clinical Oriented Matrix System

Multi-purpose Rooms 204

12:30-13:20 (Sponsored by KURARAY NORITAKE DENTAL)
Dr. Yasushi Shimada (Japan)
Optical coherence tomography (OCT) for diagnosis of dental caries A novel cross-sectional imaging without radiation

Past Presidents Events 17:45-18:30

IFED & JAED Gala Dinner 18:30-21:00 ANA Crown Plaza Hotel “OHTORI”