Call For Poster


IFED2017 will present awards for great poster presentations.
On the day, we will award a prize of 100000 yen for the best presentation, 50000 yen for the second best, and 30000 yen for the third, after the selection committee review.
We are looking forward to receiving a lot of entries.

Guide to registration

The IFED2017 would like to invite participants to present in the poster sessions of this meeting.
If you are involved in Esthetic Dentistry, we urge you to submit an abstract for consideration for presentation.
Adoption, announcement date and time, Please left to the discretion of the Congress chairman.


General abstract submission deadline : 28th April 2017 (Friday) 15:00

About creating a general title and abstract

Abstract submission entry

  1. Author ①Name ②Email adress
  2. Affiliation ①Organization name(English) ②adress ③Contact address
  3. Abstract ①Presentation format ②field ③title
  4. Co-authors ①name ②Affiliation

Abstract writing items

Abstract form : Abstract file extension, resulting in a format.doc

  1. title
  2. Organization name
  3. Presenter’s name (Please fill all your name and affiliation if co-authors)
  4. Full text・・・Objectives, material and method, results, discussion, conclusion

template.doc To download, please create a by typing over it.

Abstract character limit

Using 10.5-point font text, is the number of characters in 80 rows within line 16 (1200 characters or less) enter please.

Ask about the characters

In numbers and English characters, enter in full-width katakana.
Do not use the circled letters, Roman numerals, symbol, etc.
Greece is full-width alpha, beta, you can use single-byte characters do not use.

Points to note

  1. 4/28 (Friday) 15:00 deadline for receipt, at times on this site it is possible to update and change.
  2. Just contact your JTB registration Conference secretariat (TEL:+81 3 6737 9321) or the Secretariat (Oral health association in IFED2017 If you have any questions we ask.

Instructions for Poster Presentation

There is no reception desk for poster presentation. Presenters are asked to find their own poster panels and to put posters by themselves.
The presentation number will be put on poster panels.
Please keep the posters there from Thursday 14 September at 9:00 to Saturday 16 September at 13:30.

-How to prepare a poster

  • Make your poster so that it fits into the poster panel.
  • Poster number will be prepared by secretariat.
  • The main contents of the poster should be in the upper part where it is easily visible.
  • Pins for putting up posters are provided at each poster panel.
  • Posters must be prepared in English.

-The size of the panels we provide for poster presentations is as follows.

  • Panels will be 120cm wide x 210cm long.
  • Poster number to be placed on the upper left hand corner of the panel (20cm x 20cm) will be provided by the organizer.
  • On the right hand side of the poster number, in a space no larger than 20cm x 100cm, please provide the title of the presentation and the names of all the participants (please put a circle before the name of the principal presenter), and paste on the photograph of the principal presenter.